These products have been on the global market for sixteen (16) years. The products use metal nanocrystalline technology.
Tested, certified and recommended by:

Institute for Bioelectromagnetism BION, Slovenia - EU

Institute for electrosmog IGEF, Germany - EU

Agency for therapeutic agents Australia ARTG, for all Commonwealth countries.

Permanent solutions

for your home, workspace, family and loved ones.

Our products are neutralizing the electromagnetic, geo pathogenic and cosmic radiation, creating a healthy environment, balanced organisms with less stress, better immunity, physical and psychological well-being.

World Health Organization - 2B Group

After many years of research, IARC (International Agency for the Study of Tumors) professional body WHO (World Health Organization) ranks the phone's radiation into a 2B group: possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Company name: QUANTHOLREG d.o.o

MB: 21522457

VAT: 111686816


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BChip quality certification from Bion Institute for Bioelektromagnetics and New Biology

Certification from IGEF test that BChip is suitable to protect from the biological effects of electrosmog