Consumer rights and obligations

The Seller is obliged to inform the consumer (buyer) about the basic characteristics of the products (goods) he buys, the price, payment method, delivery method and deadline, and the manner of fulfilling other contractual obligations, the existence and conditions of after-sales services and guarantees, the existence of the legal liability of the Seller due to the malpractice of the goods in the contract, the manner of filing the complaint, and in particular the place of receipt and the manner of treating them, as well as the conditions relating to the exercise of the consumer's rights on the grounds of conformity. If the delivered goods are not in conformity with the contract, the Consumer, after informing the Seller about the deficiency, has the right to demand the Seller to remove the defects by replacement, to demand a corresponding reduction of the price or to terminate the contract in respect of those goods. If the elimination of malpractice is not possible, the Consumer has the right to demand a corresponding reduction in price or termination of the contract if.

The consumer may file a complaint for the exercise of his rights due to the defectiveness of the contract and rights under the warranty, as well as due to miscalculated prices and other defects, in the manner described in the notice on the manner and place of receipt of the complaint. The Seller is obliged to promptly, in writing or electronically, reply to the Consumer with the stated complaint without delay, and no later than eight days from the day of receiving the complaint. The seller's response to the complaint must include a decision whether it accepts the complaint, a statement of the consumer's request, and a specific proposal and deadline for resolving the complaint. The deadline may not exceed 30 days from the day of filing the complaint.

The seller is obliged to act in accordance with the decision, proposal and deadline for resolving the complaint, if he has obtained the prior consent of the consumer. Therefore, the consumer will give his consent as soon as possible after the receipt of the seller's response to the complaint, so that the seller can resolve the complaint within the above-mentioned legal deadline. Delaying the consumer's consent will be considered one of the objective reasons why the Seller is not able to satisfy the consumer's request within the legal deadline.

If the seller for objective reasons is not able to satisfy the consumer's request within the agreed deadline, he shall inform the consumer about the extension of the deadline for resolving the complaint and state the deadline for resolving it, as well as obtain his consent, which the Consumer will give in as soon as possible. Extension of the deadline for resolving complaints is possible only once.

Appropriateness is given solely to the correctness of the goods and not to their functionality, since it is understood that the Consumer is familiar with the technical characteristics of the product, and so the reasonableness refers to the fact that the selected product will satisfy the consumer's requirements within the declared technical capabilities prescribed by the manufacturer. Consumers are expected not to expose the purchased product to harmful effects (tobacco smoke, extremely dusty rooms, extremely cold or extremely warm rooms, etc.). Any irregularities caused by such treatment of goods will be eliminated solely at the expense of the consumer.

The right to traffic cannot be exercised if the damage or malfunction of the goods is due to transport after delivery, due to force majeure (floods, earthquakes, fire, etc.), due to improper use, due to non-compliance with the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations on the use of the product, due to any mechanical damage to the product caused by the fault of the consumer or a third party for which the Seller is not responsible, if the product was returned without fiscal account or other proof that it was purchased from the Seller. The consumer is obliged to establish the completeness and physical harmlessness of the product he is downloading when downloading the purchased product. Subsequent complaints regarding completeness and physical harm will not be accepted.

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